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Improving your self-regulation

If self-awareness – knowing and understanding your own emotional responses – is the first stage in achieving emotional awareness, self-regulation is the second. Self-regulation is all about how you manage yourself and your emotions, inner resources and abilities. It is basically about taking responsibility for yourself and what you do and feel.

Self-regulation includes self-control, being conscientious and trustworthy, being adaptable and flexible in response to change, and being able to innovate and develop new ideas. In other words, it is not just about controlling yourself, but also what you do with your resources, or how you make the most of yourself and what is available to you.

Self-regulation or, as it is also known, self-management, is an essential part of emotional intelligence. Unless you truly understand and appreciate your own emotions and resources, and know how best to use them ethically and in the right way, you will never be able to relate fully and completely to others.

There is more about self-regulation in our eBook on Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence, available from the Skills You Need shop, or you can find out more from our Self-Management page.

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