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Joseph Oluwole Lawrence

Oluwole is an Accredited Management Consultant and a Fellow of the International Management Consultants Board (FIMCB). An experienced Learning and Development Professional with years of exposure and experience in Learning, Training & Development.


The greatest need of manhood is leadership. And our greatest challenge in our nation or globally is that of leadership vacuum. Strategically speaking, our greatest need is not money, not social programs, or even new governments. Our greatest need is quality, disciplined, moral and people centered leadership.

However, Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence a group of people to achieve worthwhile goals. I’ll want you to take note of these six words underlined below and to be observed critically.

Leadership is the ability and willingness to recognizereconnectrefinerelease, replicate or reproduce skills, talents, abilities and potentials in people, irrespective of their present problems to make them a progressive people, producing preferable result.

What consider leadership to be:

-Leadership is not only becoming a person of celebrities but a person with great responsibilities.
-Leadership is not about status but about service.
-Leadership is not about power but about people.
-Leadership is not about position but about operation.
-Leadership is not about title but about task.
-Leadership is not about aptitude but about attitude.
-Leadership is not about demanding for respect but about delivering respect.
-Leadership is not about personal achievement but people’s development.
-Leadership is not about charisma but about character.
-Leadership is not about being satisfied but more of willingness to sacrifice.
-Leadership is not about party but about personality.
-Leadership is not about principle but about life style.
-Leadership is not about structure but about culture.
-Leadership is not about pursuit but about result.
-Leadership is not about “come” into but about “call” into.

Practically, leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration of oneself and of others. The great leadership is about human experiences, not processes.

Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others.


Leadership is not about positioning, it is about FUNCTIONING -Paul Ilo

Leadership is INFLUENCE -John Maxwell


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