My Attitudde


One of the most important thing to do in life is to know oneself first.
Knowing oneself is as essential as how to and invests in others for self-legacy. This could be quite challenging for a lot of us, but with our mind properly made towards a certain height in life, the mountains ahead towards knowing who we are will become a molehill.
Paying attention to some of these SELF understanding will aid in un-learning, learning, re-learning to earn oneself.

What helps to boost ones personality are: Self-actualization, Self-esteem, Self-concept, Self-control, Self-evaluation, Self-love, Self-management, Self-help, Self-confidence, Self-responsibility, Self-commitment, Self-dedication, Self-development, Self-help, Self-leadership, Self-willpower, Self-criticism, Self-ego, Self-centered, Self-interest , Self-compassion, Self-improvement, Self-emotions, Self-belief, Self-reflection, Self-image, Self-identity, Self-philosophy, Self-thought, Self-discovery, Self-motivation, Self-perception, Self-practice, Self-value, Selfishness, Selflessness, Self-determination, Self-worthy, Self-awareness, Self-discipline, Self and Self-etc.

However, to be successful having realized/identified yourSELF, you must be surrounded with reasonable people to share whatever you have or know because there can never be SELF (you) without others.

S: Sincerity
E: Extraordinary
L: Learning
F: Fruitfulness

Live a SELFless life


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