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B.L.I.S.S -Part 1

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Gbonju is a Human Resources Development Consultant, accredited Performance Coach and International Speaker, she is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations excel; ensuring the HRD function assists in the achievement of organisational strategic goals and objectives.
She is a smart, energetic, a teacher, and trainer. I recommend you connect with her.

B.L.I.S.S -Part 1    By Gbonju Akintola


I invite you to explore each of these issues over the next few weeks to better understand how the human mind works, and its impact on the achievement of our desired results in life.

Our brain is like a giant computer running many programs -One well known one is our nervous system which coordinates movement between the different parts of the body. Another one less talked about but equally as important, is our belief system.

A belief is a collection of thoughts and ideas that we accept as true and appear in our lives as rules, principles and ideologies. These principles and rules are learnt over time. A lot of our beliefs have their origin in our childhood experiences and cultural backgrounds-labels we were given by our teachers, comments from our parents and peers, e.t.c. Like a sponge, we soak in all we hear and see around us and as we grow into adulthood, our experiences cement these beliefs.

There is an apt story about a group of young students who were identified as all having average intelligence .The students were split into two groups and assigned to two different teachers. One teacher was told her group were ‘gifted’ children while the teacher of the other group was told hers were average students. A year later, they were retested, the group labelled ‘gifted’ got higher score than those labelled ‘average’.  Doesn’t this prove that people inadvertently live to the labels given to them?

Beliefs are resources; powerful forces in our lives. In some context they can be useful- empowering, but could also be limiting in which case, negative.

Every sport coach knows that a sport man has to first defeat the enemy within before they can defeat the enemy they will face in the court of play. In the same way, once we can overcome the limiting and dis-empowering beliefs we hold of ourselves, our abilities, our dreams, we stand a greater chance of succeeding. Self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on our progress. They leave us acting forward, but believing backward; like a man on a bicycle facing his destination and peddling backwards.

A lady called Diane Thomas dropped out of her Creative Writing degree course because her professor told her she was no good at creative writing. Eleven years later, actor Michael Douglas visited the diner she was working as a waiter. Diane told him how she once enjoyed writing and the condemning verdict of her professor. The story goes that Douglas answered ‘what does a professor know about writing!’ He told her that if she could write a script for him, he’ll help her find a producer for it. The script Diane Thomas came up with was ‘Romancing the Stone’ which later had the sequence ‘Jewel of the Night’. 

The strategy for dealing with any kind of negative thinking is to realize that you are ultimately in charge of whether you listen to or agree with any thought. So just because you think it-or someone declares it- does not mean it is true.

It all starts with a thought. So learn to silence your inner critic. Challenge, reject and even find evidence from your past and present situation to prove those limiting and dis-empowering thoughts wrong when they try to stifle your God given innovative ideas and dreams.

Looking forward to next week when we explore Language, the ‘L’ in B.L.I.S.S!

Gbonju is a Human Resources Development Consultant, Personal/ Business Performance Coach, and international speaker. For more information on how you or your organisation can benefit from her services, visit or email


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